Child Nurture & Care (Paediatrics)

Child Nurture & Care (Paediatrics)

Paediatric care at Kashvi Multispecialty Hospital is bound to be a complete bundle of top-notch healthcare services and a comfortable, safe space for your child to undergo treatment. We provide comprehensive pediatric, surgical, and immunization services to children of all ages, and our team of doctors in the pediatric department is highly trained in providing a painless, comforting treatment process to your children. We cater to infectious disease problems, child development concerns, pulmonology/allergy/immunology disorders, nephrology problems, and many more. 

Our Neonatology department is also equipped with advanced technology and highly skilled neonatologists. Latest technology incubators, high-frequency ventilators, and well-experienced specialists can all be found at the hospital’s state-of-the-art Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Other facilities include CPAP, incubators, open head warmers, laboratory services, blood bank, ROP care, infusion pumps, physiological monitors, phototherapy unit and much more.

Child Nurture & Care (Paediatrics) Specialists

Dr Shailendra

MBBS , MD (Apollo, Noida)

Dr subhash chandra

MBBS, MD (Yathartha ,Noida)