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Wholly Healthy Skin in Holi: Pre Holi Care

Dr. Vidushi Jain


Dermatologist, Trichologist, Medical Head Dermalinks

March brings with itself an aura of enthusiasm and colours. The arrival of Spring is marked with this joyous festival and signifies the triumph of good over evil. But Holi brings along a host of other problems- the major ones being related to skin and hair. Traditionally played with natural colours derived mainly from flowers and water, today the use of chemical grade dyes in colours, glass shards and even heavy metals play a spoilsport to the party with their harmful effects we all know about. However organic they may claim actually the colours in itself can cause allergic reaction.

These problems are not merely limited to skin irritation , abrasions or redness , eye irritation or infection and hair toughness but extremes like, heavy metal poisoning and even respiratory and kidney damage. Dr Vidushi Jain, from her experience in handling skin and hair diseases has meticulously collated few Pre-Holi care tips which can help you have the ‘Wholly Heathy Skin in Holi’.

Pre HOLI care

Must Must Moisturiser

Use coconut oil or any good occlusive moisturiser to form a barrier between the skin and all the colours or so called chemicals that might come in contact and start the damage process. Use a barrier cream containing zn o or dimethicone which for a protective coat to fight all the harmful substances being exposed to. Use a thick petroleum jelly or zinc oxide containing cream near finger tips , behind ears and near eyes and nose. Don’t miss these areas as they are sensitive and protect them .

Saviour Sunscreens

Not only colour and water the sun is also a major culprit for the damage . Use a water resistant sunscreen which should be, at least 30 + SPF and must be lathered on exposed areas. Oral sunscreen pills are also available which can be started two weeks before.

Comfy Cotton Clothes

Wear comfortable cotton clothes covering most part of the body so that exposed areas are lesser. Wearing synthetic clothes can increase the chances of allergic reaction as these tight fitted clothes might irritate the skin when they come in contact with chemical infused colours.

No Make-Up

Avoid using make up before and after Holi for about 3 days . Avoid bleaching the face before Holi. Avoid washing the hair a night before.

Nail It

Use thick coats of nail paint to protect the nails and the cuticles.

Exclude the Exfoliants

If you are already on any skin care routine containing retinoids, AHA AND BHA like salicylic acid, kindly give it a break of at least a week before the festival and colour play. They increase exfoliation, and if continued to be used they might increase chances of irritant reaction.

Hydrated Skin Healthy Skin

Remember, damage is always higher in dry skin. Avoid skin dehydrating things like coffee, alcohol and tea, they steal the precious moisture from your skin making it dry and vulnerable to damage. Keep the hydration levels high by drinking water, fresh fruit juices, coconut water, etc.

In general, home-made flower petals based colours or haldi also heps us to reduce the usage of artificial colour.

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