Chest & Lungs

Chest & Lungs

Through a combination of renowned specialists and advanced technology, our Chest & Lung Care centre caters to disorders associated with the lungs, breathing, and sleep with a high success rate. Services include treatment of Asthma, COPD, Chronic Respiratory Failure, Sleep Disorders, Interstitial Lung Diseases, Tumours and Cancers of the Lung and Chest, Allergic Disorders and Laparoscopic Assisted Thoracic Surgeries. 

Our hospital also houses a specialized sleep laboratory that diagnoses cases of Obstructive  Sleep  Apnoea, Chronic  Insomnia and sleep behaviour disorders and importance. Our team of dedicated pulmonology therapists also provide rehabilitation services for quick recovery and support to get back to normal life. 

Our expert team of pulmonologists comprises doctors who specialize in complex surgical and medical procedures and have significant experience in treating patients of all ages with utmost care and patience, delivering to their complete satisfaction. Doctors from nearly all departments in Kashvi Multispecialty Hospital work in sync to provide complete care and top-class treatment to our patients. 

Chest & Lungs Specialists

Dr Ashish Jaiswal