Skin & Cosmetic Enhancement

Skin & Cosmetic Enhancement

When it comes to dermatology and cosmetics services, our experienced specialists ensure that you get the best advice and treatment. Specialized services offered by us include Pimples / Acne – Pigmentation Treatment, Cosmetic Peels, Non-surgical removal of warts, Laser treatment, and much more.

With state-of-the-art equipment, Kashvi Multispecialty Hospital is one of the most well-equipped hospitals for all dermatological and cosmetic conditions. Our experienced dermatologists, who have been trained from reputed institutions like _____ and ______, make sure that a thorough analysis is done for every condition and apt treatments are recommended for the same. 

Some of our specialized services include: 

  1. Treatment of Acne/Pimples: We refer to effective procedures like preventative therapy, anti-oxidant therapy, topical therapy, etc. for acne control and basic skincare. 
  2. Removal of Acne Scars & Pigmentation: Once acne is brought under control, procedures like oral therapy and glycolic acid peeling are employed for improved skin. 
  3. Punch Grafting for Leucoderma: Done as an OPD procedure under local anaesthesia, punch grafting helps in the treatment of white patches left behind after recovery from leucoderma or vitiligo. 
  4. Electrocautery: This procedure remains a cost-effective treatment option for several skin diseases, and has served dermatology patients well for many years. 

Other cosmetic facilities we provide include CO2 laser, treatment for fungal infections of the skin, nails, and mucosa, testing for Herpes simplex and zoster, and the like.

Dermatological procedures offered by us include the removal of warts, moles, Xanthelasma (fat deposit on eyelids), skin tags, freckles and lentigines, benign skin tumours, and much more. We also conduct patch testing for skin allergies and drug provocation tests for allergy to medications. 

Skin & Cosmetic Enhancement Specialists

Dr Nishant Chajjhar

MS, MCh (Yathartha ,Noida)

Dr Vidushi Jain

MBBS, MD (incharge)

Dr Neeraj Singh

BDS, MDS (Apollo, Delhi)