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Wholly Healthy Skin in Holi : Removing Colours Post Holi

Dr. Vidushi Jain


Dermatologist, Trichologist, Medical Head Dermalinks

Clear The Colour Post Holi

Dust off the extra colour with a dry brush and Use a gentle cleansing lotion like cetaphil or emodel for washing your face . Lather leave it for few mins and then wash off gently . Follow it up with oil cleansing with a cotton swab dipped in coconut oil and after that use a gentle face wash to wash your face. If skin is stretchy post that use a good moisturiser or coconut oil to hydrate the skin repeat moisturiser after an hour.

Use loofah just once don’t repetitively scrub the skin also, do not use lemon as it can alter the skin ph and initiate irritation and redness.

Use cold water as it will be soothing and not additively irritating like hot water.

Use gentle clarifying shampoo followed by a conditioner to be left on for 10 mins to help the hair repair the damage suffered.

If redness or burning use ice cubes or aloe vera gel cubes to sooth the skin and a night hyaluronic acid sheet mask at night.

You may use a lot of moisturizer and a mild steroid based ointment in case the redness is increasing or to be more safe consult a dermatologist 

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